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Isaac “Ted” Edward Brown: 1880-1974. Family life Update

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Isaac Edward “Ted” Brown, courtesy of Ancestry. With special permission to present by a member of Ted’s family

Welcome back to my blog about Isaac Edward Brown. For those of you who have been reading thus far, you will notice that I have included a name ‘Ted’ within this title. My reasons for doing so are because, during my research into ‘Ted’s’ life, I was very fortunate to come into contact with a distant relative of his! This lovely individual was kind enough to give a helping hand and more insights into Ted’s life and his wider family as well. I believe it truly deserved an update to the topic of Family Life simply because it provides a perspective on what Ted valued, his family. His father, you will read, was very distant from Ted as a child, for his parents had separated and there was truly not much ever heard from again. His father’s name was, in fact, Job Brown, who was born in 1852. A descendant of Ted’s family has informed me that Job Brown had liaisons with three woman, resulting in many children. His death however, is more elusive.

Esther Miriam Clarke, a member of the family, had many cousins which she was in contact with one of which was Isaac Edward “Ted” Brown. Ted’s descendant has informed me that Esther’s mother was Emily K Brown an aunt of Ted’s, who had “married Edward Norman Machin who owned the butchers shop in Henley (Gabriel Machin) which had been in his family for many generations.” I was lucky enough to discover that Ted sent a typed up poem to Esther Miriam Clarke every Christmas, between 1939 to 1953. What this shows us is that not only was Isaac a determined and hardworking man, but one of the family and his thoughtfulness is still remembered today. With this blog, it is my hope that Isaac’s memory may be preserved for the reading pleasure of those interested.

Within the 1891 to 1901 census, it is revealed that Ted’s living arrangements were with his uncle and aunt. Their son was John Frank Sales. “He was known as Frank and he was employed as a hairdresser on the P & O liners and he brought back a lot of ornaments vases etc from his travels around the world”

I would just like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to the parties who helped me as much as they did, I hope that you continue to enjoy this blog.

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