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George Mockford (1826-1899): Bibliographical Entry

517 MOCKFORD, George, Wilderness Journeyings and Gracious Deliverances. The Autobiography of George Mockford, for Forty Years Minister of the Gospel at Heathfield, with a preface by M. Mockford (J.C. Pembrey, Oxford; Isaac Mockford, Heathfield; 1901), pp.74 + 20pp. of correspondence. Brunel University Library.

Born 27 Dec 1826 at Southerham, near Lewes. One of 12 children of a shepherd. Attended dame school and British School at Lewes (to age 10). Married. Lived at Southerham; Brighton; Lewes; Heathfield (1858-).

Part-time bird-scarer (1834-6); assisted father as shepherd-boy (aged 10); then worked for a time as a shepherd, followed by a succession of odd-jobs including retailing milk; plumber’s labourer; brewery worker; railway navvy; seasonal agricultural labourer; ditch-cleaner; soap factory worker. Eventually became a Methodist minister (c. 1860).

Amateur doctor/herbalist.

The narrative is concerned primarily with the author’s religious and spiritual awakening. His early years are mentioned only briefly and describe his sinful ways, casual employments and his growing interest in religious matters and work.

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Mockford, G. (1901) Wilderness Journeyings and Gracious Deliverances: The Autobiography of George Mockford, : J.C. Pembrey.

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