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Researching Writing Lives: Evaluation post

When I first had the chance to choose a memoir, I immediately saw Edna’s as one of the more interesting just by reading the small description. I am glad that I chose Edna’s as I have found out many interesting new things that I have been able to share with others about her life.

I believe that I have learned many new skills and achievements throughout this module from researching about Edna and her family and their lives. Although Edna was not somebody that I could imagine would have their own memoir, it was one of the most interesting pieces of work I have ever read, from her interesting childhood memoires to going to lectures with The Beatles, it appeared to never be a dull moment in Edna’s life. I feel as though I have met a new friend, although Edna is not alive anymore, her memories will live on forever through this memoir and hopefully more people will get the chance to read it as a result of my blogs on the website and due to my postings on social media.

Although I am leaving University soon, I will continue to use my blogging skills throughout my life. I have found a great interest in blogging, especially about somebody else’s life. Being a part of the Writing Lives project has helped me to advance in my blogging skills and has helped me meet many friends along the way. It has also allowed me to read all about many people’s lives, such as Edna, without having to read a long memoir.

I have had some experience of blogging from a previous module in University, Digital Victorians, although I feel that this particular module has allowed me to progress much more, as all third year modules should.

Blogging in this type of way has made me more aware of how I research when it comes to my author. I feel as if I have become more involved in the entire blogging experience than I initially imagined. I found a lot of enjoyment when researching Edna and her family, and when I successfully find out information, great appreciation.

I have also learnt a lot more from other bloggers than I had imagined. By using Twitter and reading their blogs they have helped me improve my own blogs in many different ways. Also, by commenting on each other’s blogs it has allowed everybody a helpful way to improve their blogs by noticing if there are better ways to do certain things or just commenting on something that they are more familiar with.

I have been using social media for many years, but throughout this module I have learned to use it in a much more formal way, allowing me to get the most out of using it for this purpose, rather than for personal use.

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