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Mary Stewart (B.1909-): Politics, Protest and Class

In Mary’s memoir, she chooses not to discuss anything political. This could be due to her not taking a personal interest in the political system or not being very politically minded. She does not disclose any information on her parents or husbands political views either.

Mary does not reveal a lot about her stance or views as to her working class position in society, preferring to focus her memoir more on her Home and Family and the general area and community that comprised Collyhurst.

It seems that Mary does not let her position as a working class women affect her way of life. This is evident when she discusses her Maternal Grandmother’s illiteracy: “..she reared a family & could only put an X for a signature but what a worker!” It is not Mary’s class or political stature that she feels should shape the person she is but instead her own hard work and achievements.

This would lead us to conclude that Mary’s memoir was not written to be instructive politically and was more family and home based.


SuffragettesThe Suffragettes were an iconic part of politics in the early twentieth century

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  • Stewart, Mary. Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiography, University of Brunel Library, 2-741

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