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Louie Emmeline Ould (C.1907-1991): Habits, culture and beliefs

        The idea of cultural activities such as art and museums are not present in Louie’s memoir. However, she partakes in her own recreational activities that help us form a basis for her identity as often it is through her craft skills and poetry that we learn more about Louie and identify with her. It is made apparent throughout Louie’s memoir that she has particular interest in crafts such as jewellery making, crochet and sewing.



She mentions in the memoir that she ‘has lost count of the number of shoulder bags’ she has made which suggest that it is a recreational activity and something she has done for several years. She attained these skills at Truro County grammar school for girls in the early 1900’s when she was a student and carried on after her school life ended. The idea of Louie’s habits and hobbies coincide with the idea of a stay at home Mum, it also suggests that she values traditional skills that have always been associated with the female gender and perhaps with an older generation of women. I think that her mother influenced her when she was younger as she too was a housewife and would have traditionally exercises similar skills.


Mother and daughter sewing together

          Louie’s craft activities are significant to Louie’s identity as she often talks of spending hours making shoulder bags and jewellery, a trait that would probably be passed down to her daughters and so on. As we are unaware of her working background these skills help form her personality and identity.



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