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Fred Worrall (1890 – 1976): Timeline

12th April 1890 – Fred Worrall was born in Manchester, being the third of seven brothers and sisters, two dying in infancy.

1904/1905 – Fred left school to go work at the Great Northern Railway office on Peter Street, in Manchester.

1906 – 1914 – Fred moved on from the Great Northern Railway offices and got a placement in a Soliciter’s firm, where he would be an engrosser of documents.

September 1914 – Fred enlisted in the 1st Manchester Pals regiment, 16th Battalion, comprising mostly of Business men, stationed in Heaton Park, Manchester.

November 1915 – 1st Manchester Pals 16th Battalion regiment is sent to Hebuterne, near Gommecourt on the Somme to fight in the trenches and on the front lines.

July 1916 – Fred and his regiment go over the top three times, suffering heavy casualties each time.

1916 – 1917 – Fred and his regiment take leave in a French village, where they got paid in Francs.

1916 – 1917 – Fred returns home on leave, staying in a Salvation army hostel. During this time, he came home and married his wife, whose name he does not give.

1917 – Fred is promoted to sergeant and moves into a dug out near headquarters, being given a mule to help him, a stencilling machine and a typewriter.

1918 – After the end of World War One, Fred and his wife ended up renting a semi-detatched house, whilst he became a managing clerk at the Solicitor’s office he worked at before the war. After the war, he received the Notorious Service Medal for his “Zeal and devotion to duty.”

1963 – Fred’s wife dies, he does not list the cause.

July 1972 -Fred’s only daughter, (“An Invalid”) dies, he does not list the cause.

January 1973 – Fred writes his memoir.

5th March 1976 – Fred Worrall dies at the age of 85 from Myocarsitis.

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