Introducing Our Authors

Memoirs from explored in our Author Blogs. Number in [ ] is to volume and number of entry in John Burnett, David Mayall and David Vincent (eds) The Autobiography of the Working Class: An Annotated, Critical Bibliography 3 Vols. (Brighton: Harvester, 1984, 1897, 1989).


Norah Brain (1907-1987), Untitled, [2:872] ed. by Amy Beaumont

Phyllis L. Buss (b. 1902), ‘A. Driver Became A. Buss’, [2:124] ed. by Kate Coleman

Alice Maud Chase (1880-1968), ‘The Memoirs of Alice Maud Chase’, [1:141] ed. by Philippa Worthington

Leonard W. Ellisdon (1885-1968), ‘Starting from Victoria’ [1:229] ed. by Jennifer Upton

Harold Gill (b. 1919), Untitled, [2:316] ed. by Joanne Gibson and Alexandra Meadwell

Kathleen Hilton-Foord (1903-1998), ‘The Survivor – The Memoirs of a Little Dover Girl – Born 1903’ and ‘Grannie’s Girl’, [2:398]  ed. by Melissa Fletcher

James H. McKenzie (1862-1952), ‘Strange Truth: An Autobiography of a Circus Showman, Stage and Exhibition Man’, [1.473] ed. by Michelle and Tawny Whitfield

Louie Emmeline Ould (c. 1907-1975), ‘Then and Now’, [2:574] ed. by Rachael Kemp

Margaret Perry (b. 1922), Untitled, [2: 606] (later expanded and published as Family Life in the Royal Air Force and Later. Serendipity Publishing, 2006), ed. by Maria Stebbing

Alice Pidgeon (b. 1898), ‘Looking Over my Shoulder to Childhood Days and After’, [2:619] ed. by Alyson Mulvaney

Fred Worrall (1890-1983), Untitled, [1:774] ed. by Matthew Newton

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